Animal and Insect World For Kids

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This website is for kids to talk and learn about different kinds of Animals and Insects. 

My Name is Danaus (Danaus Plexippus is the scientific name for the Monarch Butterfly) and I'm from Insectopia. I want to be an Entomologist when I grow up because I have a passion for Insects. I also love other types of Animal's, and have started an Animal/Insect club at my school. The other kids love it, so I thought I would start this website with the help of my Insectopian friends so that other kids can learn more about Insects and other Animals too.

Each week I will endeavouring to share a new Insect or Animal on the blog page, its habitat, food source, and if they would make a good pet.

I hope you enjoy a little taste of my Insectopian world. 

Have fun!