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Camo Chameleons

Posted by [email protected] on September 7, 2016 at 7:05 PM

Hey everyone, today we are going to learn about some cool reptiles called chameleon's. There is around 89 species of chameleon's and their life-span varies on what kind they are. For example The labord's chameleon only live's for about 4-5 months making it the shortest lived 4-legged vertebrate ever recorded, and The panther chameleon live's for about 2-3 years and The jackson chameleon lives for 5-10 years!


Panther chameleon (above)                                              Jackson chameleon (above)                    Labord chameleon (above)

They mainly live in Madagascar and Africa, south of the sahara. 2 species live in western Asia and 1 in southern India and Sri lanka. 1 chameleon called the european chameleon lives in the near east westward along the north African coast into southern coastal Spain.

New born of European Chameleon, Chamaeleo chamaeleon (El Puerto Santa Maria, Spain)

Watch this video and see a chameleon's munch-in-lunch tounge in action

Watch this too and see a Panther chameleon change colour as it see's itself in a mirror This video gives more information on Chameleons. 

A chameleon's diet is mainly of insect's like: Crickets, Grasshoppers, locusts and stick insect's. Some largers types of chameleon's will even eat bird's and other lizards! A few chameleon's will also eat a small amount of flower's and plant's.

Now lets go down to somthing that everybody know's about....................






Ok, so here are the basic's that everybody know's about a chameleon's colour change. Camouflage to hide from predator's and prey and messages. For example: There's a happy chameleon green and blue. Then a female come's along and the male is even happier.  But suddenly another male comes along he gets upset because he has to get rid of him, so he can get the female all to himself. His colour then changes from the calm green,  to oranges and red, as a warning to the other male. If they fight to win the female and the other male loses, the winning chameleon then put's his victory colour's on, a vibrant colour display, and the other male put's on the loser colour's which is a drab, boring shade of brown which mean's leave me alone.

BUT! How do they change colour in the first place, well i'm pretty sure your thinking that it's special pigment cells called chromatophores( if you don't know what these are try looking in the dictionary then you'll know :)) in their skin. If your thinking that your 100% wrong. Well what is it then I hear you say. Ok then it is ..........................wait for it................................... wait for it...........................BAM!! The answer is, can you believe it, NANO-CRYSTALS!! I don't think you believe it but it's true.  They use a lattice of nano-crystals in one of their skin cell layers which alter's to reflect light differently. If a chameleon is calm the nano-crystals are held close together and they reflect the light in the blue and greens wavelength to show the skin as a nice shade of green. But if a chameleon become's upset the nano-crystals move apart so there is more room between them letting in more light with bigger wavelengths such as bright red's and orange's that make the male stand out to opponents that are challenging him for a female.  


How amazing do you think chameleon's are? Let us know in the comments and check out our page on facebook. Share, like it and an important thing for our website make sure you don't forget to go to the home page and subscribe. Stay tuned!

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