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Wam Factor

Peacock Spiders

Posted by [email protected] on February 29, 2016 at 1:35 AM


Story by Danaus Plexipus.

                                         My Amazing Discribery!

          Dear Journal,

                                   Today I made an exciting discovery. Let me tell you how it came about............

I was taking a bush walk near where I live in South East Queensland. Around me were magnificant Euycalyptus Gum trees and great delicious clear air. 

I walked to a clearing in the bush and there I sat on a log near an almost bare plant. I looked around me and sighed a happy sigh. Then I looked at the plant next to me, and saw two small spiders. At once I knew them to be Peacock Spiders. But Peacock Spiders I had never seen before. Instantly I whipped out my camera and took a snap shot. Then I gahtered up into two specimen tubes and took them back to my lab. 

On the way I stopped off to buy some womens pantihose, which might sound strange but there is a good use for them in studying the dances and rythm  of the spiders. At the lab I got to work stretching out the pantihose over a frame that would help me to record the spiders movements, and "beats". Then fed the spiders. After they had eaten I fetched the spiders and placed them on the device. I noticed that it dances like its really drunk! 

Now I see that the male is sticking out its spinnernets when its dancing. I know what to do.......

I write this spider in my note book, print out the picture I took and sit there......staring.........Then it hits me like an old woman would if I'd tried to steal her hand bag! Wam! Just look at its amazing colours! That vibrant blue! That striking sparkling orange! Not to mention those incredible wing patterns! I have to tell somebody about this find!

Later I called my fellow entomologist friends and we had a collective, and spoke about these spiders. We realised that I had been the one to describe them (discovered) So I officially called them Maratus Jactatus but nicknamed him Sparklemuffin!  We agreed that there could be many more peacock spiders waiting to be discribed. After all this I set them free. 

The End?

Post Script: Fact. Amateur Entomologists can be very valuable in helping to discover the many more Peacock Spiders just waiting to be discribed. 

To Find out more about Peacock Spiders go to these links:


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Reply Danaus Plexipus
9:30 PM on August 20, 2017 
just so you know this story isnt trye
Reply Danaus Plexipus
9:32 PM on August 20, 2017 
the story is not true