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Wam Factor

First Wam Factor

Posted by [email protected] on March 8, 2015 at 4:00 AM

Welcome to the first Wam Factor. Each week I will endeavour to bring you a new insect or animal Wam where you can learn more about insects and animals. 

This Wam Factor is guessed it, my names sake, the Danaus plexippus (Monarch Butterfly).

Did you know that the Monarch Butterfly is becoming endangered? Just like the not so humble bee, Monarchs help to propagate plants. Without them we wouldnt have food!

Monarchs have one type of food plant, the Milkweed (AKA Swan Plant) which can have white, orange, or pink flowers. The Milkweed is actually a poisonous plant, and when the Monarchs eat it, it makes them poinsous too. They have bright stripes on their bodies which is a signal to birds and other predators to NOT EAT ME! Because i will make you sick! 

During its time as a caterpillar, the Monarch will shed its skin about 5 times as its grows. Once it's had its fill it will look for a place to go to chrysalis. It will spin a silk knob and hang upside down. when tis ready its whole body will start shaking and it looks like its starting to turn inside out. It's really not though so don't worry. It will look like the whole caterpillar has gone a light green colour. It will move around a for a little bit while it gets into a comfy position. Then gold spots will appear along the top of the chrysalis.

After a couple of weeks, sometimes less, you will start to see the colour from the new Monarchs wings showing through what is now a see through casing. Then one day it will start to push its way through the casing to come out, stretching its wings and flexing them to get the blood flowing through them in preparation for its first flight.  

I tell you its so exciting watching the Monarch have its first flight! So beautiful.

Here is a link to a great page on FaceBook called Butterfly Host Plants:

The lady that runs the page can tell you all about what plants can attract what type of Butterfly. She also sells the plants so you can have them for your very own Butterfly garden! 

I hope you like my first Wam Factor.

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5:19 AM on March 8, 2015 
Hey everyone it's me Danaus welcome to my website enjoy